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 He Spent - November 30, 2014

 Surprised - December 7, 2014

 The Cure - November 2, 2014

 The Course - November 9, 2014

 The Community - November 16, 2014

 Learn to Love - September 7, 2014

 Learn to Love (part 2) - September 14, 2014

 Initiate Intimacy - September 28, 2014

 Find Friendship - October 5, 2014

 Recognize Responsibility - October 12, 2014

Decide what matters most, give it at least 30 minutes a day, and watch miracles take place.

 4 Habits of the Highly Satisfied - August 10th

 without this, we Starve and Scorch - August 17th

 without this, we Die and Become Extinct - August 24th

 Tough Love - July 20th

 Tough Love - July 27th

 Tough Love - August 3rd


The Bible is the most intriguing spiritual book in the world and for centuries men and women have turned to its pages for comfort, direction, and information about God. If you're looking   for any of these things, we're going to explore some of the greatest texts in the Bible and their message for us today.

 The Fall - May 18th

 The Ten Commandments - May 25th

 The Last Supper - June 1st

 Psalm 23 - June 15th

 Do Unto Others - June 22nd

 Come to Me - July 6th


James 4:13-14

Our relentless pursuit for progress has led us to trust in our own limitlessness and in our future so that we're ignoring the quality and the mystery of NOW. Beat stress, worry, and regret by learning what your Creator wants you to know about this moment.

 Addicted to Addition - April 6th

 To Share What I Don't Yet Possess - April 13th

 The Search for What I Already Have - April 20th

 What Can Hold Me Hostage - April 27th

 Paradise Now - May 4th

 Prosperity Gospel vs Biblical Reality - February 9th

 The Bible vs Science - March 9th

 Suffering vs A Loving God - March 16th

 Jesus vs Other Religions - March 23rd

 Vision 2014 - January 12th

 Where Do I Start? What Does God Want Built? - January 19th

 Where Does God Start? (the uncomfortable part) - January 26th

 Friends and Enemies - February 2nd 

 Building and Prospering - February 9th

 Zechariah's Song - December 1st

 Mary's Song - December 8th

 The Song of Saint Nick - December 22nd


 Family Whys - October 6th

 Family Lies - October 13th

 Family Sighs - October 20th

 Family Highs - October 27th

 Family Tries - November 3rd


 I Know it Hurts - September 15th

 Fighting Forgiveness - September 22nd

 Hands Wide Open - September 29th


 Why Grace is Amazing - August 11th

 Why Grace is Threatening - August 18th

 Why Grace is Life Changing - August 25th

The Majors 

 Minor or Major Leaguers - June 23rd

 Minor or Major Leaguers Part 2 - June 30th

 Message by Jermaine Collier - July 7th

 When You're in the Majors - July 14th

 Batter Chatter - July 21st

 Major League Church - July 28th

 Hitting the Playing Field - August 4th


 Life Under the Sun - April 7th

 Eat, Drink, and Be What? - April 14th

 Confessions of a Cynic - April 21st

 Putting Wisdom to Work - April 28th

 Straight Talk to the Money Mad - May 5th

 Mysteries that Defy Explanation - May 19th

Check Yourself - February 24th


Work It - March 3


High Five - March 10

Getting Noticed - March 17


Faith Factor - March 24

What in the World is Going On?

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Brenda Jenkins - February 17

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Believing His Voice - January 13

Following His Lead - January 20

Driving Forward - January 27

Wonderful Counselor - December 2

Mighty God - December 9

Everlasting Father - December 16

Prince of Peace - December 24

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Wonderful Counselor - December 2


Mighty God - December 9 


Everlasting Father - December 16


Prince of Peace - December 24


He Spoke Hard Truth - November 4


Jesus Dined with Scoundrels - November 11 


Jesus Healed - November 18


Jesus Spoke in Parables - November 25


Seek God - September 23


Fight Fair - September 30


Have Fun - October 7


Stay Pure -  October 14


Never Give Up - October 21


The Scope - Face it:  August 19

Your Significance - rearrange it  August 26

The Solution - be it. September 2

The Start - initiate it. September 9


 You Need a Vacation - July 1st


 Sabbatical - July 8th


 Downtime - July 15th


 Interruptions - July 22nd


 God's Ordained Vacation - July 29th


 Vacation with a Purpose - August 5th





 Are We There Yet - August 12th


Jonah - June 24th



Mother - May 13th

Teacher - May 20th


 Soldier - May 27th


Officials - June 3rd


Volunteer - June 10th



Free from Fear, April 15 2012:

 Free of Worry, April 22 2012:

 Free of Worry part 2, April 29 2012:


Is the Bible required:


Is the Bible relevant?:


Is the Bible reliable?:



Make Money a Means to an End:


Face the Truth About Debt:

Release Greed's Grip:

Emulate God's Portfolio Part 2:



 God is distant and impersonal:


 In the course of human events, I matter little:


 Today is all I've got


 Lies he Wants Us To Buy:


 Superbowl: If You're not for us, you're against us


  A Story:


  A Song:


  A Movie:



 Feeling Worthless:


 Found in the Attic:


 Prized Possession:


 Placed to Inspire:


Special Message:


Special Message:


Some Cows Need Tipped:


 Going Against the Herd:


Its Not All Black and White:


Sometimes the Grass Is Greener:





Who Am I?:


 What Your Crew Can Do For You:


 Choosing Your Crew:


 Committing To Your Crew:


 Your Crew Can Look Like This:


Science vs Faith:

Hell vs Grace:

Suffering vs A Loving God:

Doubt vs Belief:

Jesus vs Religion: